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Sep 29, 7 Makeup Tips I Learned From a Makeover With a M.A.C. Artist . Always take a step back from the mirror and look at yourself from further away. Get pro makeup tips from world-renowned professionals with MAC makeup Wedding Party Makeup. . Click on video demonstrate SIMPLE SMOKY EYE. Nov 13, I want to improve my techniques so I went to the MAC Makeup studio here in NYC. I spent time hanging out with MAC Makeup artist named. mac makeup looks step by step

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Mineralize Skinfinish. Or are you just starting out?

My settings. Skip to content Skip to primary sidebar. Today my eye paragon sports code is exactly like that, blue smokey eyes.

Because that front-facing camera can be a real jerk. When your makeup looks bomb af but you can't get any good selfies. In real life, there's nothing targeting and bouncing light off of your face, washing out your features. Plus, the human eye sees differently than the lens of a camera obvs , which is why you look very different in the mirror versus in a picture. The basic fixes will help to deal with shiny or uneven skin tone, tired eyes, and unpronounced features in general.

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Achieve a glowing, sun-kissed look in just 5 easy steps with tips and tricks from an expert makeup artist! While we love experimenting with the latest and greatest makeup products that hit shelves each season, for our normal day-to-day a simple beauty routine reigns supreme. After all, mornings are hectic enough, which is why an elegant and easy look is essential Monday through Friday. But, as you probably know, elegant and easy is easier said than done — so naturally, we decided to get some expert advice.

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Roxys last blog post. Do you know if other department stores do these too? You can begin by applying it at the outer corner of your eye, sweeping inward along the crease. And don't worry, the glue dries clear. The blue eyeshadow looks incredible! Mac makeup looks step by step